Cha’ya Galata

Cha'ya Galata – Advertisement from Mahmoud Gaballah on Vimeo.

Cha’ya Istanbul is a lovely tea place that has two branches in great locations. One of them is very close to the famous Galata tower at the heart of the old city while the other is in Moda; a lively and unique neighborhood located in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Cha’ya Istanbul
Special thanks goes to:
Mihaela Bozvic
Б. Ану “Anu”
Dorotea Didi
Esada Okić
Esa Seipato
Khaled Nadim

D.P: Noah Serry

Director & Creative Director: Mahmoud Gaballah

Love Is – Audio Network Limited

Sound FX:
Recorded at home with the exception of two pieces:
-Restaurant ambiance – Digital juice Sound FX
-Pouring tea – Leviticus:Sound of Pouring Tea