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Noah Serry is an Egyptian Filmmaker and Director of Photography with 16 years of experience. Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Since the age of 22, Noah’s work has been consistently sought out by a number of prominent TV Channels like Al-jazeera Network, CNN, BBC, The UN, and many others. and he was working as an art directed a lot of Projects for many corporations like Sharjah Tv. channel, Tabuk Saudi University, and KSA Ministry Of Higher Education.
Noah Serry worked in a many Huge Teamwork, to shoot many historical series like Al-Azhar, The Crusades an Arab Perspective, An Arab Journalism, Flag Story, and Others.
He got many awards and medals for many exhibitions all over the world Like:
– 2003 Dubai festival second international Art information.
– 2015 Medal of Honor United Photographers International.
– 2016 Medal of Honor, from the Royal Society of Photographers in the United Kingdom.